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Step 5 - About content and what you need to get started

Before you start onboarding your teams you need to make sure that you have the basic content in place.

Topics in this article

Phase A - Start testing and get familiar with the platform

Phase B - What you need to know about content  before you onboard your Managers

Phase C - Decide what content do you need in your platform before you onboard your teams

Frequently asked questions

Are you ready with your platform to start testing and creating content?

Before you start testing and prepare for onboarding of your teams you should ensure that you have completed Step 1-4 in Setting-up your Platform. You can always revisit this part later but it is important to have some of the basics in place before you start testing and onboarding your Managers. 

Phase A - Start testing and get familiar with the platform

We suggest that you invite a colleague or two so you can test the platform together. We recommend that you invite the person you want to become platform administrator and champion of your company engagement platform. 

  • Invite the person you want to become platform administrator and champion so you can test the platform together. 
  • Download the App from App Store or Google Play
  • Try out the different featues in the platform.
  • Need help? Try our Helpcenter or reach out to Ziik Online Support

Phase B - What you need to know about content  before you onboard your Managers

Introducing an engagement platform in your  company is the opportunity to start from scratch. The question is what content you need to have in place when you onboard all your employees to ensure that your company engagement platform becomes a natural go-to place for work information and communications.

Types of content

Here are some examples of company content that you can store in your platform on both company-wide and local level:

  • Handbooks - Examples of handbooks can be your Staff Manual, Safety manual, Social Media Guidelines, Operational Guidelines, IT Systems, etc. 
  • FAQ's - Create answers to Frequently Asked Questions. These are the kind of same questions that you have to answer every now and again.
  • Documents - You may have some documents that every employee should have easy access to, whereever they are or work.
  • Contacts - Finally an online contact book with contact details for all employees and company locations right at the hand.
  • Suppliers - You may have some agreements with suppliers where you workforce can benefit from discounten prices. You can also keep supplier contact details and agreements up to date for the users who need to see that. This could be everything from office supplies, It, maintainance, etc.
  • Quicklinks - Make it easy for Managers and employees to jump to your other frequently used applications and web pages directly from Ziik.

Company content

You have some content that every employee needs to see and have access too. It would make good sense that you create some examples of content before you invite your managers to join. In this way they will get a good first impression when they join your platform


Local content

At local level you managers have a need to share information with their own teams. You can therefore empower your managers to share what they need to share in the platform at their local level. The good thing is that this information remains local.

Here are some examples of where you can empower your local management:

  • Country level 
  • Area / region level
  • Business area
  • Location 


We recommend that you empower your local managers with permissions to use the different tools at their level, so they can benefit from these locally. Remember that permissions are controlled by the User's Unit Membership and User Type.

Phase C - Decide what content do you need in your platform before you onboard your teams

First impression counts and getting it right first time will save you time and ensure a succesful launch of your company engagement platform.

Here are some check lists with our recommendations for the content you need to set-up before your onboard your managers and all employees.

Content check list for onboarding your Managers

Tools  What to do Who is responsible
FAQ's Make a few examples of company FAQ's  
Documents Create some folders with documents that you share with your Managers  
Suppliers Create a few supplier contact cards that you share with your managers  
Quicklinks Create some quicklinks to illustrate this feature  

Content check list for onboarding your Employees

Tools What to do Who is responsible


Set-up the handbooks that all your Empoyees need easy access to (i.e. Staff Manual)



Make FAQ's for the same questions that you get on a regular basis (How do I do that, Where do I find that, who do I contact if, ...)



Create folders with the documents that all employees should have easily access to (photos, formulas, ..)



Create the supplier contact cards that managers or employees consult every now and again. Remember that you decide who should see these.



Set-up quicklinks to the other software systems, app, and web pages that your teams use on a regular basis. Remember that you decide who should see these links.



Commonly asked questions

Here are some common questions that companies ask when they consider what content they need to have before they launch Ziik.

Should we transfer all information from our old intranet and drives before we launch Ziik?

Well, launching Ziik is your chance to clean up and start on a fresh. Our recommendation is that you focus on the "Must have" content in a first place. You will most likely discover  that you can start pretty lean and build from there.

Why should we replace our MS Office / Google Drive with the Ziik Documents drive?

You should not! Ziik is a brilliant way to share documents if you have none desktop users that have no license to your company drive. In other words you can see Ziik is an extention to  current company drive, where you can reach every single employee.  

Can we upload our handbook as a pdf file? that will save us lot's of time.

We understand, but that is really not a good solution. When you create your handbook in Ziik you can control permissions an chapter level and your handbooks will be easy to update and read on any device. If you need assistance don't hesitate to contact or support team.

What happens to employees content when they leave the company?

No worries! When an employee leaves the company you can decide weather the employee's content should be deleted or transferred to another user.

What's Next 👉

Once you have have decided what content you need and made you check lists, it's time to proceed with Step 6.

✅ Step 5 - About content and what you need to get started

👉 Step 6 - Setting-up groups for global and local communications

⚪ Step 7 - Prepare your first chat channels and messages.