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What you find in the billing section

Update your billing information and download invoices.

Topics in this article

Updating your credit card details

Company invoice information

Updating your billing email

Value Added Taxes (VAT)

Cancel subsription


Go to "Billing" in the admin panel.


Updating your Credit Card details

Insert your credit card details to start the subskription after the end of your free trail or update the credit cards details here.

All major credit cards accepted.

Company invoice information

insert or update your company invoicing details on the billing page.


Updating your billing email

Need to change your billing email. No problem! Just update it on the billing page.


Value Added Taxes (VAT)?

All invoice are issued from Chainintra Aps (Ziik) in Demark. 25% VAT is applied for all danish customers and all customers in EU and abroad when a valid VAT number has not been registered. Company VAT number should be registered on the billing page. Once inserted we will make an automatic online check.


Cancel subscription

You can cancel your subskription any time directly on the billing page. For further details about the terms that applies please go to https://www.ziik.io/terms