Birthday default settings

Administrators on the platform can set the default preferences for new users.

Platform administrators have the ability to determine the default setting for new users. Simply navigate to the "Preferences" tab under the "Settings" section in the admin panel to make this selection.

Display users' own birthday as the default setting

To enable users to view other users' birthdays by default, you can activate this setting within the "Preferences" section of the admin panel. Users have the ability to adjust this setting in their own user panel based on their personal preferences.

Choose whether users can view birthdays within their own department or across the entire organization.

You have the option to choose whether users can view all birthdays in your organization or only birthdays for other users within their own unit. This decision may vary based on the size of your organization.


Birthdays can be included when importing users

Birthdays can be included when uploading users via a file.



👉 Useful to know

Please be aware that we do not display the age of individuals when showing their birthdays.