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Birthdays settings

Discover how to customize your birthday preferences.

Open your profile panel and select "Settings"

Display my birthday

You have the freedom to choose whether you want to share your own birthday or keep it private. This decision is entirely personal.  Rest assured that your age will not be visible to other users.

I want to be notified when my teammates have a birthday

You can also decide whether you'd like to see birthdays for users in your specific unit or for everyone in the organization.

  • None -  No birthdays will be shown
  • Unit - Only birthdays for users in own unit will be shown
  • All - Birthdays for the entire organisation will be shown

Birthday notifications on Desktop

Birthday notifications will be displayed in the main feed on the right-hand column for users who have chosen to enable this setting.

Birthdays are shown in the calendar

Birthdays will appear in the calendar who have chosen to enable this setting.