Build your own integrations using our Rest API

Don't find the integration thet you need in our App Directory?No worries! You can build your own integrations using our Rest API.

Ziik is API-First! ...and what does that mean?

Essentially, API-First architecture is an approach to software design that centers the API in order to create applications that can easily interface with one another. API-first creates ecosystems of applications that are modular, reusable, and extensible, like Lego blocks.

Ziik is designed and build as an API-First software solution. We use our own API as interface between our backend, desktop clients and mobile apps. With other words you will have almost unlimited integration possibilities with Ziik as you can use the same API as we use for your integration projects.

API-first is a different approach from “code-first,” in which developers design an application’s functionality and then insert the API at the end. That code-first approach can be problematic if your application isn’t structured in a way that makes it easy for the API to access data.

Ziik API documentation

You can access the Ziik API documentation via our website or by clicking on the following link:


Create a Personal Access Token to make API requests

Go to to "API & Webhooks" in the admin panel.

  1. Click on "Create Access Token"


2.    Give your Access Token a name and press "Save"


3. Make a copy your Personal Access Token and save it in a safe place. This is the only time it will be shown so don't lose it!