5. Decide what features to include in your platform (modules)

We will go through how to activate and deactivate Ziik features, and what to think of when choosing features.

Before you begin

  • We hope that at this point, you have tested some of the features and have an understanding of what you want in terms of functionality of your platform.
    • However, if you have not tested Ziik we recommend that you go ahead and do that and you can use our Trial Guide to get some inspiration!
  • Remember, you need to be on a Desktop and Administrator to access this setting.

⚙️ Finding Features (Modules)

  1. From your desktop, in the top right corner find the cogwheel.
  2. Click it, and the fourth setting will be Features (Modules).

Choose your Features

  1. FAQ: If you are tired of answering the same questions about opening hours, salary periods or wi-fi codes, then this is the feature for your workforce.
  2. Chat: The replacement to emails. Create one-to-one or group chats and get a good overview of your internal communication.
  3. News: The tool for company wide, or local news. The News is the formal way of communicating with your workforce, whether it be marketing campaigns, new procedures or opening of new stores.
  4. Groups: The informal Bottom-Up / Across tool. Create project groups, restaurant groups or inspiration groups and engage your entire workforce.
  5. Shift Schedule: Are you using Excel? Perfect, our simple shift schedule tool can help you out. Already using a shift scheduling tool? Have a look at our integration possibilities or create a Quicklink.
  6. Handbooks (Manuals): Employee handbook? Policies? Sales guidelines? Well then this is the feature for you. Everything you put in the handbook becomes both mobile and searchable.
  7. Activities: The tool for organisational activities and promotion campaigns. Whether it be company wide or at a local level, create your workshops and marketing campaign in this tool to keep everyone up to date on happenings within the organization. 
  8. Documents: A simple document handling tool. Create folders and share marketing material or the coming months menu.
  9. Two-factor Authentication: Do you need extra account security? Choose between Google or SMS (additional cost per. sms).
  10. Quicklinks: Gather all your work tools here to make it easy to access. Add the link to your booking system, shift schedule or CRM. Your colleagues will never have troubles to find their work tools again.
  11. Statistics: How good is your engagement? We don't want Ziik to be another platform, so you can monitor your engagement and make sure that each employee gets online here.

What happens to the content if I deactivate a Feature?

In short, nothing. The content will remain on your platform, but it will be hidden.

What's Next

Super! You have now completed the mandatory basic setup 💪

Our experience have taught us one thing. Content is key for great engagement.

The next section of our Get Started guide puts focus on content and why it is the key to get a good start to your platform. Head over there now by clicking here!