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Gather your static documents, marketing material or any other type of files in folders within Ziik. We will quickly take you through the setup and what to have in mind

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have completed the basic setup, and specifically that you have created your users.
  • You can create folders and upload documents from all devices.
  • Anyone can create a folder and upload documents.

    To have in mind when creating Documents

    • To upload documents you first have to create a folder and decide who to share it with.
    • Any pictures or videos are viewable directly in Ziik.
      • All files needs to be downloaded to be viewable.
    • You can share folders with specific people in your organisation.

    How to create a Folder

    1. Click on "Create folder"

    2. A window pops up where you need to fill in the following information:

    3. Name: Insert the name of the folder, e.g. "Marketing Material".
    4. Units: Is this Folder targeting specific users in a unit or all units?
    5. User Types: Is the Folder for all User Types in a Unit or a specific User Type?
    6. Select Users: This features allows you to share your folder with anyone, across your entire organisation. Here, you have the option to ignore the above two sharing mechanisms and only share with individuals. Alternatively, people can be added on top of your already selected units + user types.
    7. Folder Permissions:
      1. Can Read: A user that can read, can view and download the files in the folder. 
      2. Can Write: A user that can write, can view, download, upload and edit the name of the file.
      3. Can Manage: A user that can manage, can do the above, and delete files from the folder.
    8. Save the folder.

    Adding Files to a folder 

    1. Find the folder you want and click it.
    2. You can upload your files in two ways:
      1. Drag'n'drop your files by dragging it from a local folder into Ziik and drop it once you see the blue background.
      2. In your top right-corner you have an icon "Add files", click it and navigate to the file you wish to upload.