Exporting users

This article explains how the user export works in Ziik.

Topics in this article

Permission required

How to export users

Export data and explanations

Useful information about .csv files and formats



Permission required

The user export is available for site admins only.

Go to the article Add or Remove Admins for more information about how to to add or remove site admins and where you can see who are admins. 

How to export users

Go to contacts and select Export users.


A .csv file will now be downloaded to your computer. 

Export data and explanations

Here are a brief explanation to the following export data:

Policy_accepted - Before signing in first time user will be prompted to accept the general terms of usage. Once accepted user is Signed In on your platform on either desktop or in the app.

Deactivated -  Users can only have the status deactivated when your users are managed through integration. When a user is deleted in the application managing your users, Ziik will deactivate your users for a period of 90 days, after which they will be permanently deleted.

Units and user types - If a user has more than one unit member it will be listed as follows

Unit_1 - 

Unit_1_usertypes - 

Unit_2 - 

Unit_2_usertypes - 

Useful information about .csv files and import

A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file is a plain-text file format used to store tabular data. CSV files are used to store and exchange data between different applications such as i.e. Excell, Sheets and Numbers.

Please note that Ziik uses comma-separated values. If your import is not sorted in columns you should change the settings in your application.