Step 2 - Preparing Content

Once you have set-up your platform it's time to decide what content you will need to have in place before you start onboarding your teams. Remember that first impression counts!

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Time for a new start

Types of content

Content by type and role

Content plan


Time for a new start 😀

Well, if your company look like most companies, your company and team communication would most likely be spread out using a range of different tools making it difficult to reach everybody and to keep information easily accessible and up to date. Launching Ziik is therefore a great opportunity to do some cleaning up and get a fresh start. 

Types of content  

Here are some examples of content that you can make accessible in Ziik.

  • Handbooks - Examples of handbooks can be your Staff Manual, Safety manual, Social Media Guidelines, Operational Guidelines, IT Systems, etc. 
  • FAQ's - Create answers to Frequently Asked Questions. These are the kind of same questions that you have to answer every now and again.
  • Files - You may have some documents that every employee should have easy access to, whereever they are or work.
  • Contacts - Finally an online contact book with contact details for all employees and company locations right at the hand.
  • Suppliers - You may have some agreements with suppliers where you workforce can benefit from discounten prices. You can also keep supplier contact details and agreements up to date for the users who need to see that. This could be everything from office supplies, It, maintainance, etc.
  • Shortcuts - Make it easy for Managers and employees to jump to your other frequently used applications and web pages directly from Ziik.


Content by type and role

Mapping communication needs by role may help you to define what information you would want to have in place to create value from Day 1. Remember that you can share information based on roles in Ziik, which means that people will see what they need to see, and not more.




Content plan

It may be useful to make a plan for the content you want to be in place prior to onboarding your teams, so you have a shared overview of what needs to be done, by whom, and a timeline.



Don't hesitate to use the Ziik-Getting-Started-Templates that you can download here: