Home (Feed)

The home tab is your global feed. This is where you see all posts and rections for your own groups and from updates shared with you from the or

My Feed

My Feed is your go-to source for company updates and information. My Feed shows posts shared with the organisation, group posts and activities thereby providing you with a central source to get an overview of what is going on within your organisation.


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Where to start a post

Users with permission to share posts with the organisation can create posts directly from the feed and decide where to share their posts. Users without permission to share posts with the organisation can create posts in their groups.


Highligted posts 

Highligted posts will appear in the feed, but they are also gathered in the list for highligted posts so they are easy to find again. Highligted posts all carry a blue label and include posts marked with "Highligted" or posts that require your "Read confirmation" or "Participation".



You can use the bookmarks in the top bar to save news post with information you want to be able to have easy access to. To bookmark a news post you simply click the ribbon icon in the bottom of a news post. 


Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities are shown on the right-hand side, which consists of upcoming activities and shifts.

Upcoming activities-1

Upcoming birthdays

Upcoming birthdays will appear in the right-hand side of the feed 3 days before and dissapear again once the birthday date has passed. Users decide if if they wish to see birthdays in their feed and weather they wish that their own birtsday is shown. 

What's next? 

Lastly, My Feed allows you and other users to share information through a one-to-many channel thus providing you with your main source for relevant content depending on your place in the orgnisation and your user types (roles). To read more about how to create and share posts with the organisation  read this article.

Feel free to read about how My Feed works on a mobile device by reading this article How does My Feed work (Mobile).