How does Documents work

This article will cover everything regarding documents, from set-up to opening of documents.

General Information

  • The Document feature enables you to access and upload documents.
  • You will be able to share targeted documents to specific users or units.
  • Anyone can create a folder and upload documents.
    • You can create a private or a shared folder.
  • Any pictures or videos are viewable directly in Ziik.
    • All files needs to be downloaded to be viewable.

How to create a Folder

  1. Start by navigating to the Documents module, and once inside, click the icon "Create Folder" in the top right corner.

  2. Fill in the name of the folder and decide who to share it with. You can share the folder in two different ways
    1. You can share it through units and user types.
      1. Units (Restaurants, offices, countries, etc.)
        When you are creating an activity you can decide who you want to share it with. Initially, you decide if the activity should be visible to all units. If you want to share the activity all units below the selected unit, you simply tick the "Include subunits" option.
      2. User Types (Store Manager, Waiter, Marketing, etc.) 
        Now its time to choose the people you want the activity to be visible to. Simply click the "Select user types" and a drop down menu appears. If you want all roles within this unit(s) to see it, simply click "select all" in the box.
    2. You can also share it through Selected Users.
      1. Selected Users
        This features allows you to share your folder with anyone, across your entire organisation. Here, you have the option to ignore the above two sharing mechanisms and only share with individuals. Alternatively, people can be added on top of your already selected units + user types.
  3. Decide the permissions.
    1. When you have selected the correct sharing settings you have to decide the permissions the users should have.
      1. Can Read: A user that can read, can view and download the files in the folder. 
      2. Can Write: A user that can write, can view, download, upload and edit the name of the file.
      3. Can Manage: A user that can manage, can do the above, and delete files from the folder.
  4. Save it!

Adding Files to a folder 

  1. Find the folder you want and click it.
  2. You can upload your files in two ways:
    1. Drag'n'drop your files by dragging it from a local folder into Ziik and drop it once you see the blue background.
    2. In your top right-corner you have an icon "Add files", click it and navigate to the file you wish to upload.

Accessing Files

  1. If you wish to access a video or a picture, hover over the icon and click it to watch or view it.
  2. If you wish to access any other format, then you need to download the file, and this is done in one out of the two ways below.
    1. Admins: If you are an admin you will find an icon, "..." which you can click, a menu appears and and then you click download.
    2. User: As a user, you have a "download icon" all the way to the right, click it and open the file.

Who can see the files?

If you are unsure of the permissions set in your folder, you can access this information by clicking the icon in the picture below.

How to Delete or Edit a Document or Folder

To delete a folder or a document you have to click on the icon with the tree dots. You will now be able to either delete or edit the document or the folder. 

What's next?

The Document can be used to share important information with other users. You can create folders with a specific theme and then add documents to the folder. If you need another way to share files you can read the article about the How does the chat work or the How does Groups work.

To learn more about User Types and Permissions read this article How to manage User Types and Permissions.

Feel free to read about how Documents works on a mobile device by reading this article How does Documents work (Mobile).