How does Quicklinks work

Quicklinks are a collection of links that you can use to pool, and access all other internet based software tools that you use. Thus, Ziik can become the hub for your daily activities.

General information

  • You need to have permissions to be able to create Quicklinks.
  • Quicklinks can only be created and edited from the desktop.
  • Quicklinks can be created on both local and global levels, which means that each unit can have both joint and different Quicklinks.

Create a Quicklink

  1. Head into the module and find "+ Create Quicklink"
  2. Fill in the title and the URL.
  3. Who to share the news post with
    1. Units (Restaurants, offices, countries, etc.)
      1. When you are creating a Quicklink you can decide who should be able to access it. Initially, you can decide if the Quicklink should be visible to all units. If you want to share it with specific units you simply untick the "Include subunits" option and thereafter choose which units you want to share the news with.
    2. User Types (Store Manager, Waiter, Marketing, etc.) 
      1. Now its time to choose the user types or roles that you want the Quicklink to be visible to. To do this you simply click the "Select user types" and a drop down menu appears. If you want all roles within this unit(s) to see it, simply click "select all" in the box.
  4. Decide on which platforms it should be accessible.
  5. Click "Save" and it will now automatically be installed for the desired people (users).

Use a Quicklink

  1. Head into the module and locate the Quicklink you want to access.
  2. Simply click it and it will open this link in a new window or tab.

Edit or delete a Quicklink

  1. Head into the module and locate the Quicklink by either clicking "Editable Quicklinks" to only get a list of which you can edit, or navigate to the Quicklink you want to edit and click the "..." .
  2. If you wish to "Delete" the Quicklink, a pop up will appear to ensure that you are aware that you are about to delete it.
    1. Once deleted, Ziik cannot restore it to your site so make sure that it is done correctly.
  3. If you wish to "Edit" the Quicklink, the same menu will appear as in "Create a Quicklink".
    1. Complete the changes and click "Save".

What’s next?

The Quicklinks are an easy access to commonly used internet page. If you want to learn more about the different User Types and Permissions read this article How to manage User Types and Permissions. Feel free to also read about how Quicklinks work on a mobile device by reading this article How does Quicklinks work (Mobile).