How does Reminder work

This article will address how the Reminder works for both the sender and the receiver

There are two ways to create reminders. The first one is to create a news post with a read confirmation and secondly, to create an activity with confirm participation.

Once you've managed to create one of the above, these reminders will appear under the module.

How a reminder is received

  1. The reminder will appear in your reminder module and can look differently, depending if it is a news post or activity.
    1. The news post has two different scenarios on how it is received. Either you will have a grey bell which says you have to read it all (left picture), or a green bell which you can instantly click (right picture). You transfer the grey bell to a green bell by clicking "read more".
    2. The activity only have one look, and with it you only need to decide to participate or not.
  2. Once you have read, or know whether to participate, you only have to click the icons and the reminder will disappear from your module.
  3. The receiver and the sender can easily see who attends the activity under the activity module, and the same goes for the news post, where you can see who has confirmed it or not.

Important facts about the Reminder

  1. Our most popular module for important news.
    1. The reminder sticks in the module, with a notification, until confirmed, which makes it a great tool to ensure everything has been received, and read. Its the favorite replacement tool for the mass internal emails that are often hard to keep track off.
  2. Planning activities has never been easier.
    1. Thanks to the participation, you can now make sure that you know how many will attend your workshop as the invitation won't be idle after the first notification. Rather, the notification will stay on both the mobile app and the desktop until it is confirmed.

What's Next?

Reminders proves to be a useful supporting feature for using the news feed, especially in terms of creating a hierarchy in terms of the urgency of news posts. A good next step would now be to read our feature article about news posts How to create a News Post, as well as our best practice article about the news feed How to use the News Feed most effectively, which gives advice on when to use read confirmations.