How does Reminders work

The tasks is a tool to confirm important information in a couple of clicks.

You can find your own Tasks module on your smartphone by heading to the news feed and selecting the Tasks tab at the top of the screen.

How to Create a Task

You add tasks to the Tasks modules of other users by creating a news post with read confirmation enabled and posting it. You'll be asked to write up your post. All you have to do in order to make your news post part of Tasks is to enable read confirmation. Once you've posted it, the post will appear as a task for all the users that you've shared it with. Thus, you can manage who receives this task from you by managing which units and user types you're sharing your post with.

How to Clear a Task

Once someone has set a read confirmation for a post that was shared with you it will appear in your Tasks tab. To clear the task you now just have to click the "Read this" button, which can be found below the "Like" and "Bookmark" buttons. However, this button won't initially appear on the screen. Only when you've expanded the news post by clicking "Read more" will you be able to actually confirm that you've read the post.

How to Tell Who's Confirmed that They've Read Your Post

When you post a news post with read confirmation enabled to the news feed you'll notice that there's a little blue bell icon attached to it on its right. Clicking this icon will allow you to see a list of all the users who've clicked the "Read this" button and, thus, confirmed that they've read your post.

What's Next?

Tasks proves to be a useful supporting feature for using the news feed, especially in terms of creating a hierarchy in terms of the urgency of news posts. A good next step would now be to read our feature article How does my Feed work, as well as our best practice article How to use the News Feed most effectively, which gives advice on when to use read confirmations.

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