How does the Chat work

The Chat is a feature that enables you to chat with other users. You can send targeted messages to individuals, groups, and you can share almost any files.  

The Chat can be found in the bottom right side of your Ziik-app. When you access chat, you will also be able to search though old conversations or create new conversations. 

How to create a new chat

To create a new message, you first of all have to find the person you want to get in contact with. This is done by clicking on the plus icon in the top right-hand side corner. You will now have access to a list of contact persons.  

You can use the “Search” function to find a specific person you want to get in contact with. You can do single conversation or group conversation by filling in more boxes.

To get in contact with a person, click on the person and then on “Done” in the top right-hand side corner. When you click on “Done” a chat window will open. 

You will now be able to write your message in the text box. To send the message click on the blue icon in the bottom right-hand side corner.

Alternatively, you can also start a chat from the contacts feature. To do so, first go to contacts and find the person that you want to chat with, and simply click on the person's profile and click the blue chat icon prompting "message" and the chat will open. 

How to share a file

If you want to share a file, picture etc. you first of all have to access the chat window. To the left of the text box a small camera icon will appear. When you click on the icon a new window, with a selection of files from your phone will open. You will now be able to search through your files and select the one you want to share. Click on the file and add it to the conversation.

How to delete and rename chats

To delete or rename the chat form you have to click on the three "..." in the top right corner of your conversation. when you delete a chat the history will be saved for the next time you have a conversation with that person.

What's next? 

If you want to share files and other important information with more than one person by not using the chat you can use the Groups. To read more about this feature read the following article How does Groups work.

Feel free to read about how Chat works on desktop by reading this article How does the Chat work (Desktop).