How to Add and Manage Categories

This article explains categories and how to administrate the categories

Categories is a useful tool to help you stay on top of your organisations structure and information. By enabling you to index information, users, suppliers, and units they help you navigate Ziik in a speedy manner. The categories are a vital part of the filter functions that can be found in the Contacts and FAQ modules.

An important thing that you'll need to be aware of is that the creation, management, and attribution of categories is the prerogative of the administrators.

How to Add a Category

Before you can add a category you'll first have to navigate to the category settings. You do this by first clicking the white cog icon next to your name in the top right corner and then selecting "Administer Categories" from the dropdown menu.

Once there, you can choose to add new categories to the existing FAQ Categories, Supplier Categories, Unit Features, and People Specialities. To do this, simply go to the relevant umbrella term and click the "Create" icon on the right. 

Doing so will open up a setup window which will ask you for the name of your new category. Just enter the name and hit save and you're done!

How to Delete a Category

To delete a category you'll also have to navigate to the category settings by clicking the white cog icon in top right corner and selecting "Administer Categories" from the dropdown menu.

In order to now delete a category you'll have to find the category you want to delete in the list and click the "X" that can you can find at the right end of its list entry. After clicking it you'll be asked whether you really want to delete the category. Simply confirm that that's what you want to do and you're done!

How to Assign Categories

Now that we've gone over how you add and delete categories it is important for you to understand how to actually assign these to users, units, suppliers, and FAQ articles.

Generally speaking, you assign categories to users, units, or suppliers by finding them in the contacts module and going to the bottom of their profile. Here you'll usually spot a small plus sign which when you click it allows you to assign the desired categories. You'll be able assign people specialities to individual users, unit features to specific units, and supplier categories to the given suppliers.

Assigning categories to specific FAQ sections works in a rather similar fashion. Begin by finding the FAQ you want to work with and click "Edit FAQ" in the top right corner. Now you'll be able to assign categories to this FAQ by navigating to the bottom of the set up window to the "Categories" row.

What's Next

As you can see categories are an important part of Ziik's Contacts and FAQ module where they allow you to quickly navigate to the information you're looking for by providing the basis for the filtering of large amounts of information. We'd recommend that you continue by reading the feature articles about our contacts How to add and manage users and How does the FAQ work to see how you assign and manage the categories associated with specific users, units, suppliers, and FAQ articles.