How to manage my notification settings

This article explains how you can choose which notifications you receive.

In order to manage your notification settings you'll first have to go to your personal profile. Once there you'll see a bar across the top of it with three tabs. Simply click the notifications tab to get started.

Ziik allows you to make two choices regarding your notifications. Initially, you can choose which modules you want to receive notifications from. Additionally, you can decide how you want to receive them, i.e. whether you want to receive notifications via email or through the app (or both).

When do you receive notifications

You can receive notifications from all of Ziik's communication tools. These include:

  • The News Feed
  • The Calendar
  • The Shift Schedule
  • The Groups
  • The Chat

You'll receive notifications from the modules you've selected and over here you can read when you receive them. This means that the notifications you'll receive could include things such as chat messages, new events added to your calendar, or news posts.

How to manage your notification settings

When you've arrived in your notification settings you'll be able to either enable or disable notifications from your news feed, your calendar, your chat etc. Simply click the slider for the notifications to you want to either receive or not receive to make the change. If the slider is blue you'll be receiving notifications and if its grey you won't be receiving notifications.

Ziik has an autosave feature which will automatically save any changes you've made to your settings. 

How to manage your notification settings in the mobile app

If your out and about you'll also be able to edit your notification settings on the go. Simply go to your personal profile and select the notifications tab. Here you'll be able to change your settings much like you can while using the desktop app.

Please remember to ensure that you've also enabled notifications from Ziik in the settings of your smartphone.

What’s next? 

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