1. How to setup the visuals of your Ziik platform

This article covers the essential visuals and texts your want to setup before inviting any users.

Before you begin

  • Remember, you need to be on a Desktop and Administrator to access this setting.

⚙️ Finding the visual settings

  1. From your desktop, in the top right corner find the cogwheel.
  2. Click it, and the first thing on the drop-down menu will be Settings.
    1. You setup your visuals under the categories "Texts and Defaults" and "Colours and Icons".

⌨️ Update Texts and Defaults

This is the first page you arrive in after clicking Settings.

  1. Name: This name appears in the "tab" of your desktop browser and the welcome email when you invite your team members to join your platform.
  2. Installation Name: This name is shown in the top left corner, next to your logo. We recommend that you give your company communication platform a name, as it will become easier to refer to.
  3. Text for signup (Login) page: This is the text that appears before you login on your desktop version.
  4. Company Legal Name: When a user login the first time, they will have to approve Terms & Conditions, the company legal name appears with the instructions.
  5. Link to Data Policy: This can only be a URL, as it will be the hyperlink for Terms and Conditions (see 4.). If no URL is attached, the link will not show and the user only accepts Ziik's general terms.
  6. Default Language: This is the language that user will have when logging in the first time, unless changed when creating a user.

🎨 Update Colours and Icons

You will find this page in the top tab of Settings.

  1. Desktop Logo: The Desktop logo is normally your company logo and needs to fit the following dimensions:
  2. Colours: The colour that you set is the top bar colour of your Desktop, as well as the top bar for your mobile version.

  3. App Logo: The app logo should ideally be the same as the Desktop logo, with a transparent background, and ideally in a .png format. However, the dimensions are different as the ideal dimensions are 500x280px.
  4. Mobile Background: The mobile background should represent your company and fit nicely with your App logo as well. The ideal dimensions are 750x1624px. There is always a preview available in your desktop version.

What's Next

Super! First step is done! 💪
Now when you have completed your platforms visuals, it is time to setup your Top Down structure in Ziik. We will start with a setup of your Units and then we will continue with User Types and permissions.