Inviting new Users to Sign In

Ready to invite new Users to join your intranet? Great news! Here is how you do..

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Sending Welcome mail to a batch of users

Sending Welcome mail to single users

Users don't receive your email invitation to sign in?

How to check if users have Signed In


Sending Welcome Mail to a batch of users 

Go to People in Contacts and select Send welcome mail in the menu.


Now select which Users you wish to sned welcome mail to by Units, User Types or Individuals.


once you have made your selection.


If users in your selection is already Signed In and active they will be ignored when you press Send to new

Sending Welcome Mail to single users

You can Send welcome mail direct from the people list


or you can Send Welcome mail from the user profile


Users don't receive your welcome mails?

If users don't receive your welcome mail it's most likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Check that you have the correct email address
  • Ask users to check their spam filter

Please note that the Sign In Link is valid for 7 days! ⏱️

For security reasons the Sign In link is valid for 7 days. If Users haven't logged in within this time frame you can send them a new welcome mail or they can ask for a Sign In link themselves during the Sign In process.


How to check if users have Signed In

In the statistics module you can see if users are Active or Pending members of your intranet. If they are pending they have not yet Signed In. But no problem, just send another invitation to Sign In targeting your entire workforce that have not yet Signed In.