How to Login

This article explains how you login to your company's intranet in Ziik and what you need to do if you have trouble logging in.


Topics in this article

1. Login 

2. Enter domain

3. Enter email

4. enter your password

Forgot your company domain?

Forgot your email?

Forgot your password

Get a link to Login

Login with Azure AD


1. Login  

From Desktop

Login from or via the url  


We recommend that you bookmark the login page for easy access next time you shall login.

From Mobile

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the App yet? You find Ziik on App Store and Google Play


2. Enter Domain 

Enter your company domain and press enter. The domain is the address (URL) for your company intranet. It is typically the name of your company or the name of your company intranet. Forgot your domain?


3. Enter your email 

Enter your email and press enter on your welcome page. Forgot your email address? 


4. Enter your password 

Enter your password and press enter to login to your company's intranet. Forgot your Password? 


Forgot your company domain?

πŸ’‘ The domain name is the address where your company intranet is located. It is a unique url. We may need you to confirm your companyΒ΄s domain name when you log in order to send you to your company login page.  

If you have forgotten your company domain name follow the following steps:

Press the link "Forgot domain"

 Forgot domain2

Insert your email 
Insert your email in the field and press enter to receive a link that will send you directly to your company's login page.

insert email

Check your inbox
We will send an email to the email address that you have inserted in the field. Please make sure that you insert a valid email and check your spam filter if you do not receive an email. 

we have sent you an email

Don't receive an email? πŸ‘‰ Please remember to check your spam filter and that you have used a valid email.

Forgot your email?

If you receive the message "Email is incorrect" you may 

  • Check that you have used the correct spelling for your email address
  • Try another email address if you have one


Do you still get the message "Email is incorrect"? πŸ‘‰ In this case you will need to contact the intranet administrator in your company who can help.


Forgot your password?

No problem! Just follow the following steps to reset your password.

Press the link forgot password


Insert your email address and press enter


You will now receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

Link to password reset

Don't receive an email to reset your password? πŸ‘‰ Please check your spam folder and that you have used a valid email address.

Get a link to Sign In

When you are invited to join your company intranet you will receive an email with a link to log in. If you wish to sign in with a link you have the following options.

  • Ask your company intranet administrator. Your company intranet administrator or people with permissions in your company can send you a link to log in. 
  • Use "Forgot password". You can also genenerate a link to sign in by using the forgot password link.
  •  Use "Forgot domain". You can also generate a sign-in link by using the forgot password link.

Don't receive an email with a link to sign in? πŸ‘‰ Please check your spam folder and that you have used a valid email address.

Login with Azure AD

If your company uses Microsoft Azure AD to login you, press Azure login and follow the Azure AD login process.



Having trouble logging in? πŸ‘‰ Contact your company intranet administrator for assistance.