Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign On (SSO)

Want to authenticate users in Ziik with your Azure AD? No problem! Here is how to set it up

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How it works

Requirements in Ziik

Setting up Azure SSO in Ziik


How it works

When Users start the Login process in Ziik, we will send them to your Azure AD for authentication. Once authenticated by your Azure AD we will return users to the Ziik application.


Requirements in Ziik

You need to be a platform administrator to set-up integrations in Ziik. To set-up your integration go to the Integrations page via the admin panel. 

Select Azure Login and open the integration form


Setting-Up Azure SSO in Ziik

1. Fill out the form

- Name your Azure Sign In. The Name will appear on the Sign In button.

Azure Tenant ID - Insert the ID of your Azure Tenant installation.

Azure AD Identifier - Select if you want to use Email or UPN as Azure AD Identifier

Azure AD match field - Select if you want Email or UPN in Ziik to be matched with your selected Identifier from Azure AD.

2. Mark Enabled

3. Press Save.

Once your Azure Login is Enabled users will be sent to your Azure AD for authentication when they press the Azure Login button, and returned to Ziik once they have been authenticated.