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The Notification Center is here to help you stay on top and never miss an activity.

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What you will find in the Notification Center

Unread Notifications

Marking notifications as read

Notifications awaiting your reply

Mark all notifications as read

Notifications are listed after publishing time

What you will find in the Notification Center 🔎

The Notification Center is personal and here you will find notifications for posts, comments and mentions. You will not see notifications for chat messaging as these have their own channel.

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Mentions

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Please note that users creating events can choose not to notify you. In this case there will be no notifications in the Notification Center.

Unread notifications

To help you stay on top, notifications will remain unread until you have either seen the post, confirmed that you have read the posts, confirmed your participation in events or you have marked the notification as read. 


Marking your notifications as read 

You would probably want to mark your notifications as read on a regular basis so you can easily see what's new and what you have not yet seen. Sometimes your notifications will change status when you see a post or comment. At other occasions you will need to take action on the post before it changes status to read. 

Here is how you notifications will change status from unread to read.


On your Mobile device Just swipe to the left in the app to mark the notification as read.


About notifications awaiting your reply ☝️

If a post awaits your reply, the notification will be marked as read once you have replied on the post. It is not possible to mark posts awaiting your reply as read without confirming your action on the post.

You can easily see posts or events awaiting your reply in the notification center.


This is an example of an event awaiting your reply for participation.


This is an example of a post awaiting your reply for read confirmation


How to mark all your notifications as read

Need to clean up? You can mark all your notifications as read in one action, or almost! Notifications that require your read confirmation or participation will only be marked as read, once you have confirmed your action on the post.


Your notifications are listed after publishing time ⏱️

Notifications are always listed chronologically in the notification feed after creation time, which means that the newest notification will be at the top.

You have the possibility to filter your notifications after All (default), Unread, Awaiting reply and Mentions.