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The notification center provides you with a convenient and organized summary of the activities associated with posts, comments, and mentions.

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About notifications

Notifications vs push notifications

Stay on top with notifications

Mark all your notifications as read

Mark single notifications as read/unread

Notifications awaiting your reply

Viewing content marks it as read

About Notifications

Your notifications are organized in chronological order based on the time they were published. This includes notifications for your posts, events, comments, and mentions. In other words, you will see your notifications listed according to when they were published. If there are new comments, they will be consolidated into a single notification.

To access your notifications, simply tap on the bottom menu.


Notifications vs push notifications

Here is what you need to know about notifications and push-notifications.


All of your notifications will be organized in the notification center in chronological order, serving as your reliable source of information. You can easily view any posts that have been shared with you or if someone has commented or mentioned you in a post. Everything will be conveniently displayed here for you to stay updated on all relevant activity.


Notifications and push notifications serve different purposes. While notifications are organized in the notification center and provide a reliable source of information, push notifications are direct messages that appear on your device. When you receive a push notification, you can click on it to access the specific content it refers to. In the "My Account" section, you have the option to customize which content you want to receive push notifications for.



Stay on top with notifications

Keep yourself organized and stay up-to-date by utilizing the Notification Center. You can keep track of important content that requires follow-up or that you want to view later by marking it as unread. This way, you can easily prioritize your notifications and ensure that nothing important slips through the cracks.

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Mark all notifications as read

If you want to quickly mark all your notifications as read, you have the option to use the "Mark all as Read" feature by simply tapping on the menu tab.

Please keep in mind that notifications that require a response cannot be marked as read until you have replied to them.



Mark single notifications as read/unread

You also have the option to swipe left or right on the notification to indicate whether you want to mark it as read or unread.



Notifications awaiting your reply ☝️

If you receive a notification asking you to confirm that you have read a post or that you will be participating in an event, you cannot mark these notifications as read until you have actually viewed and responded to the respective posts.

To locate posts that are awaiting your response, even if they have moved down in your feed, you can simply select the "Awaiting reply" option by tapping on the filter. This will help you easily find any notifications that require your attention and response.




Viewing content marks it as read

When you open a post, read comments, or see mentions, the Notification Center will automatically mark the related content as read. This means that once you've viewed the content, it will be marked as read in your notification center. This feature is designed to help you stay on top of unread content and easily keep track of what you've already seen.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that posts or events that need your response will not be marked as read in the Notification Center until you have actually replied to them.