This article explains how you manage your notification settings.


Go to My Profile and select Notifications.


Go to My Profile and select Settings



You can now decide if you want notifications via email, as push notifications in the app, or not at all.  It's also possible to mute notifications inside groups and directly on posts.

Receive on:

  • Email - Not that popular any longer, but it's still an option.
  • App - Remember that you should accept push notifications in the app too.

Receive for:

  • Posts - You can turn notifications off for comments and replies on the post.
  • Comments - You can still turn notifications off on posts.
  • Mentions - Get notified when someone mentions you.
  • Shifts - Please note that notifications for shift will not go in your Notification Center (will be introduced later)
  • Chat - Chat is a separate channel and is not a part of the Notification Center.

Receive for groups:

  • Groups  - You can mute notifications at group level according to your preferences. 


Note! You will always see your notifications in the Notification Center whether you subscribe for push notifications or not.