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Gather all your tools using our Quicklinks. Here, we will quickly teach you what you need to have in mind and how to create them.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have completed the basic setup, and specifically that you have created your users.
  • You can only create and edit Quicklinks from your Desktop platform.

To have in mind when creating Quicklinks

  • Quicklinks resembles Bookmarks, but it is created cross-platforms.
  • Check what access is relevant for the end user and managers, e.g. payment or compliance systems.

How to create a Quicklink

  1. Head into the module and find "+ Create Quicklink"

  2. Fill in the title and the URI.
  3. Who to share the news post with:
    1. Units:  Is this Quicklink targeting specific users in a unit or all units?
    2. User Types: Is the Quicklink for all User Types in a Unit or a specific User Type?
  4. Decide on which platforms it should be accessible from:
    1. Android: By ticking the box it will be visible on Android devices
    2. iOS: By ticking the box it will be visible on iOS devices
    3. Browser: By ticking the box it will be visible on devices where you connect from a browser
  5. Click "Save" and it will now automatically be installed for the desired people (users) and devices.