Set Feed default filtering

Want to reserve the Feed for company updates and important posts? Here are your options and how to do.

About the Feed

The Feed is personal and consolidates posts from all groups and posts shared with the organisation. Users will see posts shared with their own User Type and Unit and all their own groups in their Feed.


Reserving your Feed for important updates

Many companies wish that high-priority updates and important news posts are right in the top of the Feed. You can decide how you want to use the Feed in your organisation by setting the default filtering of the Feed.


All - 
The Feed will list all posts shared with the organization and from all groups in chronological order as default.

Highlighted - The feed will list all posts marked as highlighted shared with the organization or within all groups in chronological order

Shared with organization - The Feed will list all posts shared with the organization in chronological order as default.



Please note!

Users can change the filtering when they visit the Feed, but it will automatically reset to your selected default filtering when they leave the Feed again. And what's essential is that important company updates will be right in the top when they visit the Feed next time 🙂

Managing permissions

If you want to control what posts should be on top in your Feed you should limit the permissions to share important company updates accordingly. In practise you would want to limit this permission to users in your head office. Remember that permissions are set at the User Type.


Ready to get started?

Go to Settings in the Admin panel, select Preferences, and set your default filtering.