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Step 6 - Setting-up groups for your global and local communications

Organizing communication in groups will contribute to quick adoption and engagement in your company. Here is a listing of the groups we advice you to set-up before your onboard your teams.


Group for all Employees

We recommend that you create a global group for all your employees. This is a group where every single employee can make posts, share messages, pictures and videos and where people can like and make comments.

Group for your Managers

These are the first people that you will onboard and you a place where you managers can meet, exchange information and updates. Depending of the size of your company and your communication needs at this level this could be one or more groups.

Local Groups (Important)

Setting-up local groups is a key to ensure quick adoption from the lower levels of your organisation. We therefore recommend that you encourage your local managers to create such groups as a part of the onboarding process. Alternatively you can do it for them.

Don't forget ☝️

When you set-up your groups do not forget to

  • Select group members by Unit and User Type to ensure automatic management of members (this will save you time and hazzle)
  • Promote group members that should be group administrators
  • Upload a group image to make the group easy recognizable

What's Next 👉

Once you have set-up your first groups it's time to proceed with Step 7.

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Step 6 - Setting-up groups for global and local communications

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