Organise and share shift schedules, track working hours, swap shifts and manage vacations with Ziik's Schedule module.

This article will explain how the module works, and how managers and staff can use the tools effectively.Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 14.01.22

Blue = Assigned shift

Yellow = Available shifts and shifts opened for trade

Grey = Holidays


Role permissions determine what tools users have access to in the Schedule module. Determining what users can do in the module, is set up by a platform administrator under Roles.


Scheduling shifts can be used to keep track of who is working when and where.

  • Users with the permission “Can manage all shifts” can schedule, edit and delete shifts for users in their own unit and sub-units. The permission also provides access to reports on shifts and worked hours of users in their own unit and sub-units.
  • Users with the permission “Can manage own shifts” can schedule, edit and delete their own hours. If certain employees set their own schedule, this permission lets them do this, without being able to manage other users’ shifts.

How to schedule shifts 

Each user has its row where all their shifts and holidays appear.

To assign a person a new shift you simply

1. Place your cursor above the box that covers the right day on that person’s row

2. Press the + icon that appears. A new window will open where you depending on your permissions may be able to decide whether to create a shift or vacation.

3. Click shift, and set the hours.

You have the opportunity to add notes that are only visible for planners (those with the permission "Can manage all shifts" - see permissions)  and comments that all users can see.

To save the shift press the blue button on the lower right corner of the window.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 14.58.02

Corrected working hours

“Corrected working hours” allows users to register corrections to the hours scheduled in shifts. If you use the module for timekeeping, you can let chosen roles correct the hours in everybody's shifts or only in their own.

  • Users with the permission “Can manage all corrected hours” can register corrections to shifts scheduled for users in their own unit and sub-units. This permission enables managers to register that an employee worked more or less than the scheduled time.
  • Users with the permission “Can manage own corrected hours” can register corrections to their own shifts. This permission enables employees themselves to register that they worked more or less than the scheduled time.

How to correct working hours

To register deviations to scheduled hours, - click a shift followed by the three dots in the top right corner and then "correct working hours". In the example below, Bob worked 2 hours longer than scheduled, so he corrected his working hours. In the overview, you can see both the scheduled hours and the corrected ones.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 15.45.02Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 15.41.36

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 15.42.30Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 15.43.52

Time tracking

Shift scheduling and corrected working hours are two tools that can be used to register and track how much employees have worked during a given period.

  • For full-time staff and recurring shift schedules you can use templates to streamline the scheduling process. Read how to use templates
  • Let selected roles register their own hours by giving them the permission "Can manage own shifts". Read how to schedule shifts.
  • Allow for deviations from the scheduled hours to be registered by letting employees correct their own hours with the permission “Can manage own corrected working hours”, or let managers correct any users’ hours with the permission “Can manage all corrected working hours”. Read how to correct working hours.
  • Users with the permission “Can manage all shifts” get access to the Reporting tab, providing them an overview of shifts and hours worked by each user in their own unit and sub-units during a given period. To access data on shifts and hours for a certain period, click the Reporting tab, choose unit, and define the time span. Click a user to view all their shifts. In the top right corner, click Export to download a CSV file with the data.

    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 11.23.23

  • All users without the permission “Can manage all shifts” can access data only on their own shifts and hours during a defined period. For an overview of your own shifts and hours in a given period, click My hours.

Vacation management

Keep track of holidays and allow users to request time off with four different permissions.

  • Users with the permission “Can manage all vacations” can create, edit and delete vacations for all users in their own unit and sub-units.
  • Users with the permission “Can manage own vacation” can schedule their own vacation without needing approval.
  • If you want to allow for vacation requests, you give chosen roles the permission “Can request vacations”.
  • Those who should be able to approve vacations are given the permission “Can approve vacation requests”. Users with this permission can approve or decline vacation requests made in their unit and sub-units. If the request is in your own unit, you also get a push notification informing about it. A push notification will also be sent to the requesting user, about whether the vacation request was approved or denied.

Shift swapping

The shift swapping feature is managed through permissions that can be assigned to roles depending on what you wish them to be allowed to do.

  • Users with the permission “Can open own shifts for swaps” can choose to make their own shifts available for their colleagues.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 11.49.12

  • Users with the permission “Can apply for shifts” can register their interest in open and available shifts. 
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.29.23
  • Users with the permission “Can take shifts without approval” can directly take open and available shifts, without approval. 

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.31.56

  • Users with the permission “Can approve shifts” can see the list of users that have applied for an open or available shift, and assign the shift to one of them.  If you have permission to approve shifts, you will see a dot on a shift that has applicants.
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.41.35
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.43.43
  • Users with the permission “Can manage all shifts” can schedule non-assigned available shifts. The shift will appear as a yellow shift in the "Available" row. Depending on their permissions, users in that unit can apply for or to take an available shift.

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.50.02


Using Templates

If you have recurring weekly schedules you can save these as templates to avoid having to put in the shifts every week. To save a template you start by assigning all the shifts for that week. Next you press "Templates" and then save the current week as a template and choose a name for it, e.g. "odd weeks" or "full time staff". Once you have saved it you can apply it to an upcoming week. This is done by simply pressing "Templates" again, followed by "Apply template to current week" and then chose the template you wish to apply. 

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 13.54.14