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Step 7 - Preparing your first chat channels

Direct Messaging is one of the tools that will easy your day to day communications. Make sure that you are ready to benefit from this in your on-boarding process.

Create a chat channel for your managers

We recommend that you create a chat channel for your Mangers to ease communications in the onboarding process. It is important that your managers quickly hands-on experience the power of this tool, which is completely integrated in your platform. 

Send a direct chat message to each of your managers

We also suggest that you send a short message to each of your managers to welcome them on-board before you start the on-boarding process. In this way they will quickly experience how it works when they arrive as they will have messages waiting so you can start chatting together.

What's Next 👉

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✅ Step 6 - Setting-up groups for global and local communications

✅ Step 7 - Prepare your first chat channels and messages.

All done! When you have completed Step 5-7 you are ready to onboard your teams starting with your managers.

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