Text and Defaults

Give your platform a name, customise the Sign In flow and link to your own data policy.

Go to Settings in the admin panel.


  1. Name: This name appears in the "tab" of your desktop browser and the welcome email when you invite your team members to join your platform.

  2. Name of your intranet: This name is shown in the top left corner, next to your logo. We recommend that you give your internat communication platform a name, as it will become easier to refer to.

  3. Text for Sign In page: This is the text that appears before you login on your desktop version.

  4. Company legal name: Insert your company legal name here. This will be used in the sign in process when users are asked to confirm the terms of use. 

  5. Link to data policy: If you have your own internal data policy you can create a link to it here. When users Sign In they will be sent to your data policy if they click the link "Terms and conditions".

  6. Default language: Select the language you want as default on your platform. Users can choose a language of their own preference from the available selection of languages.