Welcome your Employees

Here are our tips and guides on how you best invite your team to Ziik.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have completed the basic setup, and specifically that you have created your users.
  • First impressions lasts. Make sure that you have useful content on your Ziik platform.
  • Make sure that your team is ready to help out with any situation and you can always send your employees our login guide if needed.

How to make the best impression on your Users 💪

1. Prepare a welcome News Post with or without Video 📄📹

  • Make sure that you cover what your users can do within your platform and what the purpose of the platform is. 
    • Create a draft of a News Post and schedule it to be sent out as you send the welcome emails.
    • We often recommend making a short video that explains a bit about Ziik. Add it to your chat or news post.

2. (Larger Organisations) Managers to help with the onboarding 🗝️

It is key that your managers or key communication users knows the following:

  1. How to help users reset their password.
  2. Make sure that they understand how to use the statistics to help everybody get online.
  3. Lead by example; If you switch platforms, it is key that these users transfer their communication first.

    3. Send the Welcome Email 💌

    1. Start by navigating to the Contacts feature, and you will find yourself inside the People (Users) tab straight away.
    2. You can send out the welcome email through the following ways:
      1. Using the box on the left side of the profile picture and clicking "Send Welcome Email" on the bottom of your screen.
      2. Use Filter or Search to find your Managers and then use the box.
      3. Click the profile of a user, and then the "..." and "Send welcome mail".

    What's Next

    Congratulations! 👏👏

    You have now invited your Users and you are well on your way to become super Ziikers. ⚡

    From here on it is about making sure that your users find relevant content and to continue to use all the features that we offer.

    If you need any help to drive your engagement, don't hesitate to contact our support team through the chat on our website.