Welcome your Managers

With Ziik's platform you can give your managers a lot of autonomy on a local level. Invite them first and introduce them to the system!

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have completed the basic setup, and specifically that you have created your users.
  • First impressions lasts. Make sure that you have useful content on your Ziik platform
  • Managers are Key Users. we often see that it is the managers who drives communication on a local level. Make sure that they are with you for the long run!

How to make the best impression on your Managers 💪

1. Prepare a welcome News Post, Chat or Video 📄📹

  • Create a draft of a News Post and schedule it to be sent out as you send the welcome emails.
    • Make sure that you cover what the manager can do within your platform and what the purpose of the platform is. 
  • Alternatively, create a draft for a chat message to be sent to your managers.
    • We often recommend making a short video that explains a bit about Ziik. Add it to your chat or news post.

2. (Larger Organisations) Plan a quick onboarding session with your managers

  • If you feel that you want a proper introduction to your managers, then perform a webinar onboarding with them. If you need help to put it together, or want tips, contact Sales for more information.

📘 General Guidelines:

  1. Keep it short (15-60 minutes depending on features and responsibility).
  2. Cover the What, How and Why.
    1. Your managers needs to understand the need for the service.
  3. Introduce and explain how to use the features.
  4. End with Next Steps and a Q&A.

3. Send the Welcome Email 💌

  1. Start by navigating to the Contacts feature, and you will find yourself inside the People (Users) tab straight away.
  2. You can send out the welcome email through the following ways:
    1. Using the box on the left side of the profile picture and clicking "Send Welcome Email" on the bottom of your screen.
    2. Use Filter or Search to find your Managers and then use the box.
    3. Click the profile of a user, and then the "..." and "Send welcome mail".

What's Next

After your Managers have mastered Ziik it is time to invite the rest of your Users.