Why is early engagement key?

We are going to look at the importance of key stakeholders, early content and onboarding, and how it drives your engagement.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have been through the steps of the basic setup.

🗝️ Identify Key Managers

  • You will most likely have local champions that will help you drive engagement on a local level. These are normally responsible for a unit or a team, e.g. Restaurant Manager or Team Leader.
  • These local champions are key to increased engagement and we recommend that you take them through a shorter Onboarding session on what they can do on the platform.

📚 Why is early content key for your engagement?

  1. First impression counts.
    1. If you invite your users to an empty platform, our experience indicates that the users will have a lower engagement.
  2. Relevance for all users.
    1. By ensuring that there is content that each User Type uses on a weekly basis you will have increased engagement. That type of content can be FAQ's, Handbooks or Quicklinks.
  3. Drive content Top-Down.
    1. Make sure that you plan to release frequent relevant content to all Users. It will ensure a higher engagement and a feeling of belonging to all users. That type of content can be a weekly News Post, company Activities or social content in Groups
  4. Local Champions to drive Bottom-up and Across.
    1. By creating groups and chat groups on a local level where the team members can post freely, you ensure that your platform covers the communication aspects of social media.
  5. Early success fosters a long term culture.
    1. We have seen that companies who engages their teams in early stages often leads to teams driving organic local engagement.

✍️ Prepare an engagement plan

This basic outline should cover the things to have in mind before releasing the platform to your users.

  1. Go through the next articles that are relevant to the Features you decided to have on your Ziik platform.
  2. Identify the needs (information & communication) of the end user (crew/staff), key stakeholders and all other relevant staff members.
  3. Create the static content (Handbooks, Documents, FAQ and Quicklinks)
  4. Create your company wide groups and create inspirational groups for your key stakeholders.
  5. Go over how you communicate Top-Down today, and which feature the content match (News Post, Group Post, Activities), and how often you will publish it during the 1st month.
  6. Set the plan in motion!

🗣️ Onboard your Key Managers

  1. Plan a 30-60 minute session, a week before the launch.
  2. Take a tour of the features
  3. Introduce how to admin, create and manage content on relevant features. Typically Groups, Activities, News Post, FAQ and Quicklinks.
  4. Ask for feedback and if anything is missing.
  5. Let the managers test Ziik before the launch (3-7 days).

What's Next

Alright, next up are quick guides on how to setup the static content on your Ziik platform. We are starting off by setting up Groups, followed by FAQ's.