Why Ziik is different

There are a bunch of solutions out there when it comes to handling your internal communication, but how do you choose the right one? This may not be easy but let us tell you how Ziik stands out!

Ziik is the "Best In Class" communication platform for small and mid-sized businesses

If your company looks like most small and mid-sizes companies your internal communication will be all over the place. By all means - it works! but you know that it is not optimal and you also know that you will need to digitize your business to stay competitive in the long run. On the other hand you have limited in-house IT ressources. 

This is why Ziik is designed as an out of the box, ready to be used, all-in-one  communication app for small and mid-sized companies. 




Here are the three reasons why Ziik is different:

1) In Ziik you can actually empower your local managers

What is the point with a company communication app if you cannot empower your local managers? You managers will just find alternative ways to tackle their day to day communication needs, which most likely will not be the most productive solution for your company.

This is where Ziik stands out! Ziik is designed to empower your local managers while respecting your organization. You can create the roles needed and manage permissions so it fits with your company's way of working and culture. 

2SMB org

2) In Ziik you will have ALL your communication in one place. And we mean ALL!

How do you communicate and share your company information today? Emails? an old intranet? private social media for messaging and team communication? Online drives? If you are like most other small and mid-sized businesses it will probably be a bit of everything and all over the place.

With Ziik that's history! We have gathered all the communication tools that you need in one single platform for your entire workforce whereever they work.

Singler platform

3) With Ziik you will have a company App where you can engage your intire workforce wherever they work

Working from home, on-the-go, remote, in different locations, in different teams, different working hours, .... Sounds familiar? It is a challenge for many companies to connect with a modern workforce in a fast moving and changing enviroment.

With Ziik you will have your own modern communication app, which will replace all the communication tools you use today. Ziik will engage your workforce better than any other app out there because all your company communication is in one place!