This article explains how to create, update and delete Units.


Topics in this article

What you need to know about Unit permissions

How does your organization look like?

Understanding Units in Ziik

Building your organization in Ziik


Permissions required to create Units


  • Only Users with Can edit units can create, update and delete Units

  • Users with permissions can create new Units below the Unit where they belong in your organization. 


How does your organization look like?

In a first step make sure you have a clear picture of your own organization. Yoiu may wish to use your organizational chart if you have one.

Understanding Units in Ziik

Your organization is build with Units in Ziik. A Unit can be any physical or virtual location. 

Free Store Icon, Symbol. Download in PNG, SVG format.

Example of Units: Office, wharehouse, store, shop, factory, area, country, ..

Building your organization in Ziik
Your Orgazation is born with one Unit to start with. This will become the Top Unit when you add more Units to your Organization.

Go to Units in contacts

and press "Create Unit"

Now insert the name of your new Unit,  select parent Unit, and save.

Now, continue until you have created all Units in your organization.