Keep all your manuals up to date in one place and easy to access from anywhere.

Right at the finger tips when needed

Give your employees a chance to find guidlines, policies and instructions when they need it. It all becomes easy when the information is updated, searchable and accessible online. 


Example of manuals

Here are some common examples of manuals and guidelines you can keep online.

  • Staff Manual
  • Safety manuals
  • Social media guidelines
  • GDPR Policies
  • Service Manuals
  • Operational guidelines
  • IT Systems

Before you begin

  • In order to create a manual, you need to have the permission added to your  role.
  • Manuals for the entire organization, should always be created by a person from the top unit (A) as it ensures that the handbook can be shared with the entire organization.

  • Manuals can also be created at lower levels in your organisation when needed provided that you grant local management with permissions, which is set at the Role.

The basic layout

  1. Enter Manuals, and click the icon "+ New Manual" in the top-right corner.

  2. A window pops up which allows you to enter the basic details.
    1. Make sure you make it visual by adding a picture
    2. Make sure that the Units + User types are correctly added

      Units (Restaurants, offices, countries, etc.)
      When you are creating a handbook you decide which units should be able to read it. You can choose them all by picking the top unit and filling in "include subunits. Alternatively, you can just pick units you want from the drop down menu.

      User Types (Store Manager, Waiter, Marketing, etc.) 
      Now its time to choose the people, from the units, who should be able to read it. If you want all roles within this unit(s) to see it, simply click the drop down menu, and "select all" in the box. Alternatively,  you click the user types in the menu to be specific.
  3. Since the handbook is empty you leave the publish box empty.
  4. Save it.

Finding your new handbook

  1. Head into your new handbook by navigating to the top bar, and click "drafts".
  2. From here you will find the cover of the new handbook and you can simply click it to enter the handbook.

Adding chapters & content

  1. In your top right corner you will find the icon "+ New chapter", click it.
  2. Add a title to your new Chapter
  3. From here you have two options depending on situation
    1. If you have several subchapters to the chapter, we recommend that you start building the titles first by clicking "+ New Subchapter" below the title of the chapter.
    2. Whether you created a subchapter, or you decided to skip it, it is time to add the content.
  4. You add content by clicking the icon "+ New paragraph" which you can find under the title of the chapter/subchapter.

    Any files, pictures or videos you add will be in the bottom of the paragraph. If you want the picture or file in the middle or in the top of the chapter, then you simply save the paragraph once you have uploaded the file, and create a new paragraph below. From here you continue to fill your chapter.
  5. Once you are happy with the current chapter, you repeat the process until you have completed your handbook.

    You can manage visibility by chapter, you do it by clicking the "..." to the right of the chapter title. Click "manage visibility" and decide which user types who should see the chapter.

Publishing / Editing / Deleting your handbook

  1. Head into your drafted handbook. 
  2. In your top right corner, you have an icon "...", click it and then click "Edit handbook".

    1. If you want to publish the handbook, you do so by ticking the box next to "published".

      Save and your handbook is now posted to the rest of the company.

      Tip: If you want the organization to be aware of the new handbook we recommend creating a news post to let everybody know it is available!
    2. If you want to edit the handbook, you simply configure any details you had in mind and then save it.
    3. If you want to delete the handbook, you navigate down to "Delete".

      Remember that if you delete the handbook, it is irreversible.

Reorganizing your handbook

  1. Head into the handbook that you would like to reorder.
  2. Navigate to the same top right corner as you did before and find the "..." icon, click it, and then click "Reorder chapters".
  3. In this menu you can drag'n'drop the chapters after your desires. 
  4. The reordering is instantly saved, so once you are done you can just leave the menu.