Save time for everybody by creating answers to frequently asked questions. Here is how to do

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Why FAQs can help you save time

Who can create FAQs

Creating FAQs

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Why FAQs can help you save time

It is quite common in organisations that people will ask the same question again and again.

  • What is the wifi code?
  • How do I turn off the alarm
  • Who shall I contact in case of an incident?
  • ....

When you have these kind of questions it will make good sense to create answers to these frequently asked questions (FAQ) that people can easily find.


Who can create FAQs

Users with permission can create FAQs and share them from their own position in your organisation. See how permissions work in Ziik.


Creating FAQs

Go to the FAQ page 


and start by pressing + Create FAQ


Now create your FAQ

Share with - As answers may be specific to some users you simply elect which users should see the answers. In this way individual users will only see and find what's relevant.

Category - You can assign FAQs to categories for a cleaner overview for your users. See how to set-up categories.

Question and answer - Now simply write your question and answer.

Add attachment - You can add files, images or videos to your answers.


Tips and advice

  • Make sure that you have granted permission to create FAQ's to the relevant User Types in your organisation.
  • We recommend that you also give management at lower levels in your organisation the permission to create FAQ's, as this need is relevant at all levels.
  • Make your FAQs simple and visual.
  • Check what questions often arises with HR or with local Managers. The more relevance there is, the higher usage of your platform.
  • All FAQ's are searchable, remember to use keywords.