Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This article will explain how to create FAQ's and how you can use them in your organisation.

How you can use FAQ's to save time ⏱️

In every organisation there are Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs). Why not help employees to easily find the answers. This will safe everybody time... 

You can share FAQ's at each level with the users who need to see them 👀

Some FAQ's may concern certain User Types in your intire organisation, while other are of local interest only. The good thing in Ziik is that this is intirely determined by the permissions set at the User Type and in which Unit the User is located in your organisation.

Example 1 : A user with permission (set at the User Type) and located in Unit A in the top of your organisation can create FAQ's and share these with selected users in your entire organisation

Example 2: A user with permission (set at the User Type) and located in Unit B in middle of your organisation can create FAQ's and share these with selected users in the own branch of the organisation.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have granted permission to create FAQ's to the relevant User Types in your organisation.
  • We recommend that you also give management at lower levels in your organisation the permission to create FAQ's, as this need is relevant at all levels.
  • You can create FAQ's from both your Mobile device and Desktop.

To have in mind when creating FAQ's

  • Make it simple and visual.
  • Check what questions often arises with HR or with local Managers. The more relevance there is, the higher usage of your platform.
  • All FAQ's are searchable, remember to use keywords.

How to create a FAQ

  1. Start by navigating to the FAQ Feature, and once there, click "+ Create new FAQ" in the top right corner.
  2. A new window will be opened which will allow you to do the following input:
  3. Question: The question that is often asked by employees.
  4. Answer: Here you can put the answer in a straight text, bullets or numbers by selecting the text. You can also insert a Youtube link for automatic playback in Ziik. 
  5. Files: The files can be anything from Videos, photos or documents and will be shown below the answers.
  6. Units:  Is this FAQ targeting specific users in a unit or all units?
  7. User Types: Is the FAQ for all User Types in a Unit or a specific User Type?
  8. Categories: These are preinstalled and you can learn more about them here. Choose one that fits the area.
  9. Continue to create the rest of your FAQ's

What's Next

Once you have created your FAQ's, it is time to create your first Quicklink so that your team can easily locate all their collaboration tools. If you don't plan on using Quicklinks, head out to the engagement page again to find your next feature. Remember, all content added can be searched which makes the life of your coworkers even easier.