Role-based Permissions (User Types)

What you need to know about role-based permissions in Ziik.

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The purpose of User Types

About User Type permissions

Only admins can create User Types

Can people have more User Types?


The purpose of User Types 

In every organisation you will have people with similar functions and roles. In stead of sharing information and communication one to one, it will often be way more efficient to target your  communication at people with the same roles. This is the purpose of the User Types in Ziik! This is where you set permissions for the individual roles in your organization. 

Example of User Types:

  •  Managers
  • Employees
  • Part-time Employees
  • Sub-contractors

About User Type permissions

The User Type determines what people with that User Type can do in your organization from  their own location in your organisation. 



Only Admins can create User Types ☝️

Only admins can create and manage User types in your organization. Typically you will Create your User Types before onboarding your teams, but they can be updated according to your needs as these may evolve over time. 


Can people have more User Types?

Yes, no problem! However, we would recommend that you limit the number of User Types that you use and match your User Types with your organizational roles. In this way you would most likely have a limited number of people with a need for more User Types.



- Try to limit the number of user types to keep things simple. Typically 4-6 user types will do the job.

- Don't hesitate to empower your local managers so they can use all the tools at local level. This will increase the overall engagement in your organization.