Creating New Users

Time to add a new Users? This article will take you through the steps and the things to keep in mind.

Topics in this article

Permission required

Creating Users

Sending a welcome mail

User doesn't receive your Welcome Mail?

Permission required 

  • Only Users with Can edit users permission can create, update and delete Users.

  • Users with the Can edit users permission can create, edit and delete users in their own unit and it's sub-units


Creating Users

Go to people in Contacts and press Create user


Fill in the information on the User profile. The fields marked with a blue dot are


The fields First name, Last name, Email, Unit and User type are mandatory.

E-mail - The email must be unique and also serves for resetting User's passwords and 2FA authentication.

Unit - Select the Unit where the User should be located in your Organization. If User should belong to more Units follow the steps in XXXXXXX.

Department - The department field will only appear when the departments have been created for the selected unit.

Roles - Select the Role(s) that the User should have. Remember that the User Type together with the Unit defines what the User can do in your platform.  

Sending a welcome mail 

When you create a new user you will be asked if you want to send an email with a temporary login link.


You can also send a welcome mail later to all your users or a group of users. See Inviting new Users to Sign In for more information. 


User doesn't receive your Welcome Mail?

If Users do not receive your Welcome Mail it's most likely due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The inserted email address is not correct
  2. The email has landed in the user's spamfilter

User still doesn't receive your welcome mail? 

No worries! You can always create a temporary password for the User from the Users profile. For more information see Logging In.