Deleting Users

Want to delete Users? Here is how you do and what you need to know.

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Who can delete users?

Deleting Users and GDPR

How to delete a User

Deleting Users through API integration

Who can delete users?

  • Only Users with Can edit users permission can create, update and delete Users.

  • Users with the Can edit users permission can create, edit and delete users in their own unit and it's sub-units. 




It is not possible to delete users with Administrator permission. If the option delete accounts is not available you will need to remove user's administrator permission first.



Deleting Users in Ziik and GDPR

Ziik handles all compliance issues with rewards to GDPR and protection of personal data. When you delete a User in Ziik all personal data will and the User will be anonymous in your platform.

GDPR Compliance - Book Creator app


How to delete a User

Select Delete account on the user's Profile.


You will now be presented with two options:

  1. Delete user without transfer:In simple terms, the user will be deleted in accordance with GDPR and all personal content will be deleted. All content shared with others will remain, but the user becomes anonymous in your platform and will be referred to as "Deleted user".
  2. Transfer content to another user: In simple terms, you can transfer all the content to another user.


    Ownership of the user's data can no longer be transferred when you select Delete user without transfer. Users shared content will appear with "Deleted user" as author.


    Deleting Users through API integration

    If you manage Users via integration we will soft delete your users for 90 days. Administrators can see deleted users in the Users section in the admin panel under deactivated users.