What can you do as an administrator in Ziik

This article explains everything you are able to do as an administrator within Ziik.

Administrators in Ziik are responsible for setting up and managing the system and its settings, such as the permissions set for the different user types. What's more, they are the ones that are capable of promoting others to administrators as well as demoting current administrators to regular users.

How does an administrator make another user administrator?

In order to turn a regular user into an administrator, you first have to find their profile in the Contacts module. Once you have found it you will be able to toggle between them being an administrator and not being an administrator by going to the bottom of their profile.

How does an administrator remove administrator rights for a user?

In case you wish to revoke the administrator rights from a user that is currently an administrator you can do so by once again navigating to the bottom of their profile and deactivate them. You can have a look at the above illustration to see where you have to navigate to.

What can an administrator do in Ziik?

An administrator has access to all system settings in Ziik, which are accessed by clicking the wheel in the upper right-hand corner. These system settings include:

  • Look & Feel
  • User Types
  • Categories
  • Integrations
  • Modules
  • Two-factor Authentication

What's next 

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