What is Ziik?

Ziik is an-all-in one internal communication platform for better collaboration and employee engagement.

Ziik is designed to match your own unique organisation 1:1

In your organisation you may have one or more locations and your teams have roles depending on their position and functions. In Ziik you can build your own organisational hierarchy with units and create the roles that match your own organisation and culture with  user types . Once this is set-up you are ready to share information in a highly efficient way through the platform. Team members belong to one or more units, and one or several user types which defines and reflects their role and position in your own organisation. 


A powerful toolbox..

💬🗣️ Communication 

In Ziik, team members can send messages, post in groups and create/participate in company activities. They instantly receive company news in the feed and are kept up to date through the mobile application.

The groups can be private or public, and the news and activities are shared through the overall structure that is set.

📄 Information 

In Ziik, your teams are able to store files, read company handbooks on policies, food handling or product manuals, or anything that is relevant to ease their day to day work. They can easily contact any supplier, find all their answers through the FAQ's and easily access other daily digital tools

🔍 Search for anything

To save time, all information and communication shared in Ziik is searchable. Instead of trying to scroll through an old conversation, or a handbook, you can search for it and filter your result after relevant content.

📲 Mobile Application

Wherever your team is, Ziik is with them through the mobile application. With the same functionalities as the desktop version, Ziik ensures that communication and information flows freely for within the team and that it is always accessible.

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Your team in Ziik

The Ziik universe always have a team of members with varying administrative permissions. Typically, these roles are divided into the following:

👑 Ziik Owner 

Creates the workspace and decides the look and modules to be included. They also set both units and user types and the adjoining permissions.

💪 Local Champions 

Assigned by your Ziik owners, these are normally people responsible on a local unit (physical location, department) basis and helps the owners to manage the team.

👫 Members (Users) 

Can use all tools (communication & information) on their workspace level and are able to message anyone.

In enterprise organizations there are also organizational admins that sets policies and permissions for various roles (user types).

❓ How do you define roles in Ziik? Read more about user types and permissions.

Get going in Ziik

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